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THE NEWLY ARRIVED is a tabletop roleplaying game, exploring the themes of survival, belonging, and trust.

You will embody an outsider. 

Where did you come from? Who were you before?  What has brought you here and why are you compelled to join this established community?

In the same story, you will represent a councilmember.  

As part of the Council, you will determine whether or not the Newly Arrived will become members of your community.  What happened before that keeps you closed off? Why risk opening up your community to strangers? Is it worthwhile to take a leap of faith and trust the unfamiliar? 


  • As of 2022, online version with new content in Story Synth
  • Version: A print and play 
  • GM-less
  • For 3-6 players
  • For all levels of experience
  • Time: 2-3 hours

(The Print & Play) 

(Possible Art for the Boxed Deck Version) 

This game is tone and setting agnostic. Be as silly or serious as you like. 
Use any of the suggested scenarios or immerse yourselves in a world of your choosing. 


1) The Newly Arrived (Color)-.pdf - For printing colored cards. 

2) The Newly Arrived (B&W)-.pdf - For printing black and white.

3) Guide to Your Print& Play-.pdf - How to create your deck. 

4) Origin & Acknowledgments-.pdf - Read about how this game came about and who has been essential to the journey in making The Newly Arrived.  

Feel free to tell me about your game experience at motherof1000s@gmail.com. 
Now let’s play! Or as we say in my native tongue “maglaro na tayo!” 


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GenreCard Game, Role Playing
Tagsall-levels, analog, GM-Less, Narrative, One-shot, setting-agnostic, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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The Newly Arrived on Story Synth (play online)
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Hi, any chance to get any Community copies, please?


I've run this game over a dozen times, as a pack of wolves trying to join a pack; refugees from an asteroid impact; bikers joining a ballet school; kids seeking to enter a magic school; magical familiars. Even aliens applying to join the postal service just prior to playing Space Post (by Jason Morningstar).

The game allows for a variety of tones from gonzo silly to super serious. It has a variety of modes so the group can work competitively (with only one, or maybe everyone BUT one person getting into the community) or collaboratively, where it's all or none. It features a very simple voting mechanic at games end, followed by epilogues to complete the game play with a satisfying end narrative. I've played in all these fashions, and have thoroughly enjoyed every single games, with a few of them being some of my favorite games of the last year.

I highly recommend this game for players of all experience levels, from hardcore story gamer, to complete newbie. 

I have had the opportunity to play several times, and now I'm so excited to be able to share it with more folks.  Let's see how many crazy groups of aliens, bikers, ballerinas and more we can have fun playing!

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Yassss, do it!

I love “The Newly Arrived”! The innovation of the dual roles and open-ended questioning lead organically to some truly surprising (and even moving) outcomes. Plus, it’s so easy to play that I can bring it to a table with the newest of newbies.”

Thanks, man! We look forward to playing again witcha. 

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